Milton Solo Microwave & Cold Water Single Bottle Steriliser

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Visiting friends, overnight stays with family, or simply going out for the day, the new Milton Solo offers the versatility of single bottle sterilisation to help keep your travels light. Milton Solo can be used either as a cold water steriliser or as a steam steriliser. It also has a watertight lid to prevent spills when on the move and a unique ‘lay flat’ design so it can be used in any size microwave. As well as safely sterilising most makes and sizes of bottles, the new Milton Solo can also be used to sterilise small baby equipment such as teethers and plastic toys. Product features and key benefits Choice of dual use cold water or microwave steam sterilisation Unique venting technology for faster and better sterilisation Sterilise from just 2 minutes in the microwave or 15 minutes with cold water Kills all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores


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