Mark Harris Tampa 1800 Oak Dining Table



Mark Harris has established a firm reputation in the contemporary furniture market thanks to their grand designs and superior quality materials. The family owned UK brand are committed to making beautiful furniture while maintaining affordable prices. The Mark Harris Tampa 1800 Oak Dining Table is a stunning example of this, and is built to embody a chunky nature which in turn confirms its resolute build. The 3.5cm thick table top, 15cm in-width table legs and oak borders located underneath the table top, all highlight the chunky qualities this dining table possesses. This functional dining table is capable of seating up to eight diners and would be well-placed in any dining area. A key feature to this dining table are the table legs that appear on the surface offering an original pattern. That distinct look along with the solid oak material and lacquered application all contributes to the dining tables overall solidarity and charm.


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