Joseph Joseph Nest Set of 6 Compact Storage Containers, Opal



A common problem with most sets of storage containers is they take up precious space in the kitchen cupboards when not in use. Nest by Joseph Joseph is the ultimate collection of practical, colourful, space-saving kitchenware that allows for the individual items to be stacked and snapped together. Thanks to the clever space-saving design the containers neatly stack together taking up the absolute minimum amount of space in your kitchen cupboard. The bases nest neatly inside each other and lids snap conveniently together making them very easy to find. Each of the air-tight, colourful lids on these containers correspond to a dot on the base of the container for easy pairing when you come to use. Available in a variety of sizes from 4.5L to 230ml, these containers are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as being BPA-free. The 6 piece set includes: 4.5L (152 oz) white lid container, 3L (101 oz) light blue lid container, 1.85L (63 oz) dark blue lid container, 1.1L (37 oz) dark green lid container, 540ml (18 oz) light green lid container, and 230ml (8 oz) yellow lid container. PlasticDishwasher safe1 year guarantee Shop At House Of Fraser


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